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About Us

Leadership Team

The leadership in our organization is extensive averaging over 30 years per person. This team understands what the customer wants and is committed to providing excellence at every level.

Customer Service

We are not just focused on meeting customer expectations; rather our goal is to exceed those expectations. The ease of ordering, delivery of service and follow up will keep our customers more than happy for years to come.

Large Inventory

Our commitment up front has been to assemble the largest parts inventory under one roof anywhere in the world. Why? It's simple. We want to provide the parts you need when you need them.

Who We Are?

WATCH - The Franklin Story

Business Summary

Franklin Aerospace will be the premier provider of Franklin Aircraft Engine parts and service in the U.S. and around the world. Leveraging the current 12,000 Franklin Aircraft Engine install base, the company will offer those owners the most extensive inventory of parts, overhauled engines and and technical services available anywhere. We will offer both parts and maintenance services to owners of any aircraft with a Franklin engine. Building on this foundation, Franklin Aerospace will then also build and market engines for the expanding Experimental, and Sport markets.

Franklin Aircraft Engine Parts extensive

Following several months of preparation, Franklin Aerospace will offer on line access to its extensive parts inventory and accessories. Customers can search, select and pay for the parts they need all on the website.

We will service these submarkets.

  • Owners that do scheduled and unscheduled maintenance themselves.

  • Independent aircraft maintenance facilities that need genuine Franklin parts.

  • Our own aircraft maintenance operation.

What We Do


Franklin Aerospace will continue to source any available Franklin spare parts to supplement its inventory. Any new parts will be sourced initially from approved contracted machine shops who will produce parts in accordance to Franklin specifications.

Future Development

The company will aggressively develop new products and offerings for our target markets. The main emphasis being the production of those hard to find but critical components for the Franklin engine. Other examples would be digital displays, fuel injected engine options, electronic ignitions and lightweight starters and alternators.

Why We Exist

Quality that counts

For over seventy years, the Franklin engine has been the choice for demanding single engine aircraft owners. With over 19,000 engines built, most of the engines are still flying today; a tribute to the quality of the engine as well as the fierce loyalty Franklin owners have for the brand. Loyalty that lasts

Long regarded as having superior quality and performance, Franklin Aircraft Engine owners are known to go to great lengths to keep their engines in top running condition. Unfortunately the success of the engines and the loyalty of its owners over the years made the company extremely attractive to other companies, and as a result the company exchanged multiple times from one conglomerate to another.

Keeping Franklin Engine Parts in one place

For reasons unrelated to Franklin’s business model, products or markets, the various corporate owners failed to invest in the engine company. As a result, for the past thirty five years little has been done with the brand, the last ten of which the manufacturing rights were held by another entity. Largest Inventory under one roof

Except for a few short years over the past two decades, Franklin produced neither engines nor spare parts. Without support, engine owners have been on their own to source maintenance parts. Fortunately, Franklin Aerospace, LLC has stepped into that breach, aggregated the largest domestic inventory of spare parts, and is in prime position to revitalize the excitement, revenue and profitability of a once dominant brand.

Why use our services?

Uncompromising Commitment to Quality

We have a quality design, quality materials, quality workmanship, and quality of end result.

Successful Marketing Strategy

We are determined to meet the needs of each customer in our market. We can best do this by providing an excellent internet site that helps our customer to find what they want when they want it.

Real Time Measurement

Systems and reporting that provide real time cost analysis, sales, material costs, resource requirements, and forecasts for daily modification and adjustment of all operational processes and production.