We started off the week with a beautiful day! Temperatures were in the low 80's and clear skies.
Lots of traffic at the booth today with much interest in our association with the Panther Aircraft group. You might take a look at their web sight for a fun look at an exciting aircraft. They are in the development stage of a two seat model that will have our engine on the prototype.

The following is a picture of the the first proud owner of the Franklin 4A-235 to be installed on the Panther design!

Jimmy Tubbs of the old ECI , now owned by a Chinese concern stopped by to brief us on his new endeavor. A guy that just can't seem to retire is off on a new venture that is promising to Franklin Aerospace as he applies his vast experience to the art of PMA and STC approvals. You can imagine how his experience will play a part in Franklins future as we continue to work towards FAA approval on many needed components.

Also of interest is the purchase of Sky-Tec by Hartzell. More information will follow tomorrow as we conclude meetings with the new ownership.