Is it right for you? The answer would have to be a resounding yes! It's carburetion on steroids. Simplicity of design and proven engineering have produced a system that achieves greater performance and fuel economy. With Rotec's MK.11 TBI we have a superior air fuel mixture and reduction of mixture temperatures that result in a more efficient fuel combustion. More bang for the buck you might say. With the TBI's use of a slide throttle, the fuel mixture is not deflected into the side walls of the inlet track and there is no loss to the benefit of your fine fuel atomization.

Fuel delivery and pressure are controlled by the "on demand" fuel pressure regulator, supplying the precise amount of fuel needed to the engine. This system is truly self regulating, and is not effected by fluctuating fuel levels or pressures.

The Venture Effect

The Rotec TBI Fuel System uses a spray bar positioned in the intake air-stream. The venturi effect is utilized to draw fuel out of the spray bar as required, by inducing a negative pressure.

Fuel flows into the embedded regulator which controls the amount of fuel that is delivered to the spray bar. As the air intake rushes past the spray bar, all residual fuel is expelled through the pattern of minuscule holes, to deliver an atomized flow of fuel-air mixture.

An added benefit is that the TBI is perfect for aerobatic flight when combined with a mechanical fuel pump to distribute fuel. This is unaffected by gravity allowing for true freedom in flight. The horse power range of this system is from 40 to 250.

In short, this is the perfect way to achieve peak performance via the Throttle Body Injection - achieve increased power through better fuel atomization - and remain fully aerobatic through perfect mixture control.

What does the owner of TBI have to say?

Listen to Paul Chernikeeff's endorsement