Simply put, it's the most effective way of connecting with you! Building relationships, both personal and corporate are important components of our successful company. When we opened the doors of Franklin Aerospace almost four years ago, one of the challenges we faced and quite possibly the most important, was to connect with and to identify your needs. I think I know what you need but nothing is better to speak with you personally to really know. It has been a learning experience that I hope will continue to improve over the coming years as you continue to make your needs known to us. Sun N Fun and Oshkosh are two critical components to maintaining our fingers on the pulse of the community.

This year we will have on display three engines that are not on the drawing board or in the planning stage, but ready to put on your airplane and fly. These are the 4A-235 that comes in at 125 HP complete with Electronic ignition and aThrottle body fuel injection system. Number two is a freshly overhauled 165 that is ready to go. Number three is a freshly overhauled 6A-350. I will look forward to visiting with you this Spring in Florida at NE 30 &31.

Of course Southern Aero will be present at the booth answering any technical questions you might have. Southern Aero continues to establish themselves as the premier overhaul facility for the fine Franklin engine. Franklin Aerospace and Southern Aero have intertwined operations to the extent that we are housed in the same facility.

When you talk to one, you talk to both. Another relationship that is budding nicely is with Franklin Engines Poland. I have enjoyed spending time with Roman and getting to know him on a one on one basis. I look forward to accepting an invitation to visit Poland in early summer. There is energy and commitment here in North Carolina for the future of Franklin. We continue to push forward toward a bright future!