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Company Bio

Franklin Aerospace Bio

The Company Begins

While researching a project involving a Franklin engine, I experienced the same frustration that many of you have felt over the years. Instead of turning away from the project, I decided to find a solution to it. It was apparent that there was lack of organization, little support and no central or primary location of inventory. The beginning of what became Franklin Aerospace was formed to address these issues.

The Basic Concept

When it comes to flying, pilots love identifying with the passion pilots have when it comes to flying and understanding that pilots love to fly, we realized that a sustainable and reliable power plant was essential. However when the engine is bad or parts are missing the airplane has to stay on the ground. Research also indicated that finding engine parts was a real source of pain.

Meeting the Challenge

We recognize that searching for parts is frustrating and difficult. We know that calling friends with planes and asking for help rarely has productive results. Finally, it's never a good idea to rob parts from automobiles to repair a plane. In fact, it's downright dangerous!

WATCH - The Franklin Story

The Business Takes Shape

After numerous meetings, discussions and cups of coffee a decision was made by Kelly to start an engine parts business.

Securing inventory was not an easy task. Three significant inventories representing the vast majority of Franklin Engine parts were located and secured in order to start the business.

Phase 1: The business was started when those parts were secured.

Phase 2: The central location aspect of the inventory problem was solved with the acquisition of office and warehouse space in Thomasville, NC.

Phase 3: Complete when all parts were transported to Thomasville to be shelved and inventoried.

Phase 4: Southern Aero, our overhaul affiliate, moved into our facility, completing the consolidation of inventory, overhaul and organizational structure under one roof. Now, with computers, phones and people in place, Franklin Aerospace is ready to serve you - our valued customer.

Franklin Aerospace exists for you.

Franklin Aerospace was born from the very simple but important idea of pilots delighting in flying their airplanes. Obviously when the engine is a problem there is no flying and that means no joy in Mudville. However Franklin Aerospace becomes the solution or the means by which Franklin Engine owners can have that problem solved. All one needs do is simply go to the website, send a fax, or even better yet give a call to secure parts needed. When those parts are shipped and installed the airplane owner can do what they do best and that is to fly their airplane. We ultimately are in the peace of mind business when it comes to those who own and fly their planes. These are the best engines in the world and we are excited to sell parts that are part of the overall process. The motto of our company is "providing parts down here so that we can keep you up there."